I struggle with humility.  Inherently, I am judgmental and proud, arrogant and conceited.  At times I loathe myself because I do not perform at a level that I think I should.  Other times I loath others for not seeing how great I am.  When I’m not walking with God, I am selfish, seeking my own good, my own pleasure, my own fill-in-the-blank. 

But I don’t want to be this way. 

Time and time again, God has pressed upon my heart to take a step back from myself, to put another person first, to close my mouth.  I am on a desperate journey towards humility because I have seen how my own pride has destroyed relationships and opportunities.  Conversely, with what little I’ve studied of it, my eyes have been opened to the immense, life-changing capabilities of humility. 

I want more peace in my life, stronger relationships, and an audacious capacity to love.  Join me, if you please, as I document my spiritual journey and what I am learning.   

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